Hi! I’m Chris Riccomini, a software engineer, author, investor, and advisor.

I like writing Essays and giving Talks. Subscribe to my Newsletter and follow me on Twitter for updates!

I’ve worked at WePay, LinkedIn, and PayPal. LinkedIn has my complete work history.

My first book is out! The Missing README is a guide for new software engineers. You can get it on Amazon .

I’m into open source. I wrote Apache Samza and I’m on Apache Airflow’s PMC. I don’t write as much code as I used to, but my contributions are on Github .

I’m an investor and advisor in a few startups. You can find them on my AngelList profile.

My papers and patents are on Google Scholar , but they aren’t really mine; they’re a team effort.

I like reading, too. Check out my book list on Goodreads . If shorter reads are more your thing, I share links on Pocket .