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The Missing README Software Engineering Links & Resources

Chris Riccomini on November 1, 2021

This page contains all books, links, and resources referenced in The Missing README: A Guide for the New Software Engineer. If you find these resources useful, you might enjoy the book! You can buy it on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.

Chapter 1 - The Journey Ahead

A tour of the book and the beginning of your career.

Chapter 2 - Getting to Conscious Competence

Skills to learn on the job and what to expect from yourself.

Chapter 3 - Working with Code

Working with legacy code and how to prevent technical debt.

Chapter 4 - Writing Operable Code

Use metrics, logging, configuration, and write tools to make your software easy to run.

Chapter 5 - Managing Dependencies

Versioning strategies, transitive dependencies, and how to avoid dependency hell.

Chapter 6 - Testing

Testing philosophies and how to write safe, fast, predictable tests.

Chapter 7 - Code Reviews

Learn to make code reviews helpful instead of a nuisance.

Chapter 8 - Delivering Software

Continuous integration and deployment strategies including blue/green deploys, dark launches, and more.

Chapter 9 - Going On-Call

How to go enter your team’s on-call cycle and deal with production incidents.

Chapter 10 - Technical Design Process

The technical design process, including experiments, problem definition, documentation, and collaboration.

Chapter 11 - Creating Evolvable Architectures

Build evolvable software using architectural best practices like YAGNI and by learning to maintain compatibility.

Chapter 12 - Agile Planning

Learn to participate in Agile development practices like sprint planning, stand-ups, and retrospectives.

Chapter 13 - Working with Managers

Build a healthy relationship with your manaager and learn to work with common management practices like 1:1s.

Chapter 14 - Navigating Your Career

Position yourself to grow into senior or staff and staff roles, and learn to navigate the promotion process.

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